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The aim of this course is to understand what masterboards are, how to create one for scanning safely, and how to use them. We look at some basic legalities involved, and create our masterboards.

The course includes -

- 30 digital pages to create your masterboard

- templates for tags, an envelope and pockets

- approximately 80 minutes of video

- various links to copyright information that I use

For more information, click the course link.


In this course, aimed at beginners, we look at basic Photoshop if you are interested in creating your own digital items. During the course I use repetition as a way of teaching to create six digital journal tags. This course includes -

- 23 pages to use during the course

- approximately 120 minutes of video tutorial

- 5 Photoshop brushes

For more information, click the course link.

Tatty PLanner.jpg

We work together to create our planner/journal. There are simple, clear instructions suitable for a beginner. It is simple to create and embellish in your own style. This course includes -

- video instruction throughout

- material and tools list

- a digital kit

- size guide and hole template

For more information, click the course link.


We will work together to create your attache case, and although some elements of the construction are a little tricky, there are simple, clear instructions for you to follow. The attache case can be embellished in your own style. We will create the attache base, create and decorate the inserts and create a very basic journal. The course includes -

- video instruction

- materials and tools list

- digital kit

For more information, click the course link.

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