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Get your Grunge on!

I believe that I am an organised and neat person most of the time. When I started creating books, they were also neat and organised and I still make books this way. However, now and then you just have to let loose, try out different things and play with materials you don’t often use. Back in June after several frantic gel printing sessions I had lots of scraps that I just couldn’t throw away. I made a wide snippet strip, added sewing and still did not know what to do with it! Then, after folding it to put it in a draw, I thought I may as well decorate it into a little journal. One of my all-time favourite supplies is my crackle paste, so this with a bit of paint thrown in for good measure, I ended up with something that I loved, and I could also go back to for inspiration.

Use your scraps!

If you have scraps that are too good for the bin, collage them. Don’t think about this too much just glue them down, overlap them and make a larger page/piece with the smaller bits.

Once you have a collage of scraps, this will make a fabulous base for tags, mini books, ATC and anything else you can imagine. Add stitching using a machine or hand sew to add more texture and interest.

Have fun and let go of your usual style. Try things that you would not normally try, use things you would not normally use, be brave. The worst thing that can happen is the scraps you could have thrown away, will still end up in the bin. You may, however, find a new passion, or create something that is perfect for another project.


Share your experience on social media. Show others that you were brave and explain what you did. You may well inspire others and help them to take the risk too!

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I need to let go but afraid it will endup with another addiction to add to the growing amount of craft hobbies I have 🤪💖

thanks for the advice it is so true xx

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