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Simple Ideas are the Best!

If you get the chance to bag a bargain, can you say no?

Sometimes, I just can’t say no! Because of this creative flaw I ended up with a box of envelopes that will last me more than a lifetime.

So, what do I do; use them for posting? Yes. Use them in my work? Of course!

I was thinking over a plan, printing some papers to cover them when I had that Gestalt moment… Why do I not print right onto the envelope? After a quick trawl on YouTube, I could not find anything, so I got to experimenting and seeing what I could do.

I am telling you, this was so easy, fun, quick and they looked great, so I set about filming to share the idea, letting you know how you can do it, too. I go through this step-by-step, including images of my printer dialogue, and in the video description I include links to other printers so you can find your manual easily.

If you want to give this a try, my video is here:

If you want to grab the Freebie, my Facebook group is here:

The Papers I use are also on sale in my shop until Friday!

Have a great day and get creative with your envelopes! x

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1 Comment

Ronda Liebert
Ronda Liebert
Sep 12, 2022

If you happen to have Word on your computer there are envelope templates on there. They may have some words/lines on them for use in addressing, but you can select All and delete and clean the template.

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