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Use Your Punches!

This all starts with an online purchase of paper flowers. Flowers that I still need to work on, that are not in great condition after being stuffed into a plastic bag and to be honest, flowers that I spent money on that I do not really have to spare!

Three things came to mind, after this purchase.

1: What a waste of money

2: What a waste of packaging

3: I could MAKE them myself!

Many of us have craft tools that are sitting under our desks, in a drawer or box that we could utilise more than we do. After this paper flower purchase, I dug out my paper punches and found a flower punch. I decided to sit in front of the TV and punch, punch, punch (what a workout!). This gave me a nice stash of very simple paper flowers to create some magic with. I wanted to share this process and to show that we can all save a little hard-earned cash and be more creative in simple ways.

This whole process, making a purchase of paper flowers, turned into the March Challenge in my Facebook Group ‘The Foxy Crafters’ and I hope I can inspire you to dig out your unused and unloved punches to create something rather than buying something. To get creative and make embellishments for your journals. Have some fun and feel less guilty about hoarding those craft tools!

The first of my videos is here:

Easy Paper Flower Embellishments Tutorial

Have fun x

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